Tackle & Flip

It begins with an idea…

This team of forward-thinking visionaries looks beyond the naked eye, seeing the expensive possibilities with a relentless passion to recreate and modernize residential living space.

The three most important things about real estate are location, location, and location. Often times people find the perfect neighborhood, perfect Waterfront lot, perfect yard, etc., yet the house does not match their decor.  This is where the Tackle & Flip team comes into play! We will guide you through the process of identifying a property that fits your location needs and has the structural bones to support your finished dream home.

For the investor, we offer the single-family residential, multi-family, and commercial in-house property management.

Current Playbook

Beach Flip

Deerwood Flip

Spring Oak Flip

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Flip 1

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Flip 2

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Flip 3

Glen Kernan Flip

Tackle & Flip