Hayley Miller

Brianna Jackson


Brianna is no stranger to the stress of moving! Born in Lancaster, Ohio, her family moved between Jacksonville and her home town for years before eventually moving to Greenville, South Carolina. After beginning her degree in Business, Brianna met her husband and left school to move to Hawaii with him. Once his enlistment was up the two of them and new born daughter moved back to Jacksonville to spend time with family.

During High School, Brianna played nearly every sport, but her favorites were Baton, Marching Band and Softball. She competed multiple times with her twirling team in Disney’s Twirl Mania, often winning and her high school band won awards at every competition they attended. This dedication and competitive spirit is still in Brianna, and she loves pushing herself to do better.

She began working in high school, and has always been in administrative and retail positions, meaning Brianna’s main focus is customer service. Now she hopes to finish her degree and further her Real Estate career. In her free-time, Brianna enjoys going on hikes with her dog, spending time outside with her husband and child, and taking road trips to see family.